Nov 15, 2015

[Video] Dante Plays Outlast (HALLOWEEN SPECIAL)

"Special" in a retarded kind of way...

This footage was initially recorded to be edited and used in a certain video competition, however, having failed to capture a single scary moment and being thoroughly disappointed with the recording I scrapped the project.

For whatever reason I decided it'd be a waste to simply throw away the footage I already had recorded, so I decided to upload it on YouTube for no one to enjoy.

You'd think that Outlast, the game that is proclaimed to be the scariest thing since Amnesia, would be a bit more... scary. And yes, I know I only played the first 30 minutes and I'm sure it gets scarier later on, but if the first half an hour of the game is a snooze fest, why would I bother keep playing it further? Resident Evil 4 and Bloodborne managed to scare me in the first 30 minutes, why not Outlast? The answer is simple - both RE4 and Bloodborne have amazing atmosphere, Outlast on the other hand relies on cheap (and predictable) jump-scares and scripted events. I could write an entire article on why scripted events are not scary.

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