Sep 2, 2017

[Video] Let's Play and Rant About Resident Evil 6 (Part 3)

We continue our way through the decrepit university campus which makes no sense because didn't the outbreak just happen? How is it decrepit already? Ahh, fuck it.

The playthrough is done in online co-op with my good friend number45.

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Aug 19, 2017

[Video] Let's Play and Rant About Resident Evil 6 (Part 2)

We continue VERY SLOWLY to move forward into this journey as we bitch and complain about the stupid amateur mistakes that our seasoned veteran character keeps making.

The playthrough is done in online co-op with my good friend number45.

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Aug 5, 2017

[Video] Let's Play and Rant About Resident Evil 6 (Part 1)

Welcome to the worst Let's Play idea I've ever had. What better way to bring joy and entertainment to the good people of YouTube than by doing a full playthrough of an excessively long game that I hate. In these series I'll try to break down all of the reasons why I think Resident Evil 6 is a bad mainline Resident Evil title and a pretty mediocre game on its own. While these videos will inevitably be filled with salty rants, I will try to praise the positive aspects of the game as much as I rant about negative ones.

The playthrough is done in online co-op with my good friend number45.

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Jul 8, 2017

[Video] [Battlefield 4 Montage] Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Not really a frag movie, but rather a trailer showing off the sheer variety of locations and tools available in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield games in general.

Fun fact, the whole concept for this video started from the little clip you see at the very end. The skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai got taken out and while I was wondering what were the car alarms about, a teammate, running for his life, told me to get my ass moving. With an escape in the nick of time, we descended to safety with parachutes, while some other teammates weren't so lucky. It was a cool unscripted moment and I wanted to capture it in some shape or form.

All footage in the video was captured by me using PS4's Share Capture function.

Music: Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde
Game: Battlefield 4
Platform: PS4

Jun 21, 2017

DarkDante14’s YouTube Thread

Hey there and welcome to my super exciting mildly stimulating YouTube channel’s introduction thread where I’m pretty much just trying to shill my YouTube channel for a couple of extra views and self-gratification. Wait, I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud, was I? 

Anyhow, I thought I might as well share some of my proudest work (which is not a lot, admittedly, but still) and I plan on periodically updating this thread every time I upload something that I consider worth shilling coupled up with small descriptions featuring my partially sleep deprived humour.

So what kind of videos I make? Gaming-related videos of course, you silly goose. Oh, you meant what type of gaming videos? Well, see for yourself below:

Despite what the name implies, “Dante Plays” are not my Let’s Play videos. Instead, they are videos that feature cleverly almost competently edited video game clips that contain various goofy things and/or glitches that I personally found funny or odd enough to share with the rest of the world. Sometimes a “Dante Plays” video summarizes a game in a nutshell like with my Battlefield 4 Singleplayer video. Other times it’s just a glitch compilation with snarky captions added and inconsistent font choices. 

To be honest, even I don’t know what “Dante Plays” actually is. Perhaps, it’s a missed branding opportunity as to how I could have called my actual Let’s Plays or perhaps it’s just whatever bullshit I came up with after cutting together 27 gigabytes worth of SharePlay footage. Who knows?

Ah yes, just like 99% of the rest of the gaming related YouTube channels, I too have attempted my hand at the art of Let’s Plays. So far I’ve only done two LPs (mostly due to laziness and technical limitations), but I definitely plan on doing more. 

My most recent LP is of a game that no one has ever heard of before and I’d like to change that. The Sniper 2 is easily one of the best worst video games I’ve ever played. Released on Sony PlayStation 2 for only 2100 Yen (around 20$), The Sniper 2 is a prime example of a cheap cash grab that somehow still manages to be more entertaining and endearing than some greyish brown AAA games like MoH Doorfighter. Oh, did I mention it uses Comic Sans as its subtitle font choice?

I also did a Let’s Play of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 singleplayer, but the first five parts have terrible audio quality, so let’s not talk about that one. 

Have you ever wondered how to recreate the greatest waifu in Bloodborne using the terrible in-game’s character creator? No? What is wrong with you!? Well, fret not because I made an entire guide video with step by step instructions and it features my super annoying sexy Eastern European accent. I might do a couple more guide videos in the future, I might not – who knows?

If you’ve somehow gotten this far (assuming you actually read all that crap and didn’t just cheat by scrolling down to the last bit), you might have noticed I have a somewhat sarcastic sense of humour. Sometimes, this “sense of humour” translates into random bullshit videos that may or may not be funny. No guarantees - you get what you pay for and my videos are free ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I hope this thread gives you an insight about my channel on YouTube and the descriptions gave you, at the very least, a sensible chuckle.  Feel free to leave comments or bother me on social media like Twitter to which I’ll leave “useful links” below. Just click on the images to get redirected either to my YouTube page or Twitter account. Or not... Fine, be that way!