Nov 23, 2015

[Video] InFamous: First Light - Must Be Broken

Game developers sometimes tend to decrease character walk speed in significant story segments to increase players' immersion. Ironically, this enables players like me do things that completely break the immersion.

In this video, I jumped past the cutscene trigger and the moment game realized that, it forced my character to walk backwards to proceed with the scripted event.

Music Used: Julius Fučík - Entry of the Gladiators
Game: InFamous: First Light
Platform: PS4

Nov 15, 2015

[Video] Dante Plays Outlast (HALLOWEEN SPECIAL)

"Special" in a retarded kind of way...

This footage was initially recorded to be edited and used in a certain video competition, however, having failed to capture a single scary moment and being thoroughly disappointed with the recording I scrapped the project.

For whatever reason I decided it'd be a waste to simply throw away the footage I already had recorded, so I decided to upload it on YouTube for no one to enjoy.

You'd think that Outlast, the game that is proclaimed to be the scariest thing since Amnesia, would be a bit more... scary. And yes, I know I only played the first 30 minutes and I'm sure it gets scarier later on, but if the first half an hour of the game is a snooze fest, why would I bother keep playing it further? Resident Evil 4 and Bloodborne managed to scare me in the first 30 minutes, why not Outlast? The answer is simple - both RE4 and Bloodborne have amazing atmosphere, Outlast on the other hand relies on cheap (and predictable) jump-scares and scripted events. I could write an entire article on why scripted events are not scary.

[Video] Dante Plays Far Cry 4

It's been 6 months since I last uploaded a Dante Plays video and only 5 months since I last played Far Cry 4... Jeez, I sure am fast at editing and uploading these videos, eh? But it's fine since nobody watches them anyway ;_; It's fiiiiiiine~

For the record, I was playing with the latest patch (Valley of the Yetis DLC) installed. The gameplay was recorded using PS4's built-in Share function.