Feb 16, 2017

Bloodborne - Lady Maria Character Creation Guide


Welcome to my Lady Maria Character Creation Tutorial! This page features the tutorial in both video and written formats. You can watch the video either on this very same page or on YouTube.

If you prefer written guides over watching videos, you can find the written guide featuring screenshots below the aforementioned video.

Special credit goes to AZUMA from Radical Dreamers blog for coming up with these slider values. You can find the link to his guide (in Japanese) here: http://radical-dreamers-lti.com/archives/51155946.html

Video Guide

Written Guide

Obviously you can enter whatever name you wish and we’ll pick female as the gender. Age - I picked young, but that being said, if you think that either mature or aged fit better, then feel free to simply pick whichever option you think is more appropriate for the character. Origin is purely functional and has nothing to do with character’s looks, so you’re free to pick whichever option you want.


Scale Adjustment

Base Skin Colour

For the base skin colour I suggest picking the last option in the first row. You’ll notice that in the character creator the skin looks incredibly pale. If you want, you can try going a couple shades darker, but I’d venture to suggest that the last option is actually perfect. It seems that lighting in the character creator is a bit deceiving and as a result the character looks a lot paler in the creator that they actually would in the game.

Skin Colour

Face Details

Face Details → Features

Face Details → Face Shape

Face Details → Face Shape → Facial Balance

Face Details → Face Shape → Forehead/Glabella

Face Details → Face Shape → Brow Ridge

Face Details → Face Shape → Eyes

Face Details → Face Shape → Nose Ridge

Face Details → Nostrils

Face Details → Face Shape → Cheeks

Face Details → Face Shape → Lips

Face Details → Face Shape → Mouth

Face Details → Face Shape → Chin

Face Details → Face Shape → Jaw

Face Details → Skin Colour/Makeup

Face Details → Skin Colour/Makeup → Skin Colour

Face Details → Skin Colour/Makeup → Eye Area

Face Details → Skin Colour/Makeup → Lipstick

Face Details → Hair/Facial Hair

Hair/Brow/Beard Colour


For the hairstyle, you can pick one of several options. This option with the ponytail is probably the best one if you’re going for a pure Lady Maria’s lookalike.
If you intend to interchange Lady Maria’s attire set with the Plain Doll’s set, you should probably pick this hairstyle that fits pretty well with both character looks.
If you want to go solely with the Plain Doll’s look, this haircut is your best option.


Brow Colour


Eyelash Colour

Lady Maria’s eyelashes are in a very similar colour as her hair colour, so kind of white (138/139/133). That being said, personally, I find white eyelashes a bit too weird for my liking, so I’ll go with black (0/0/0) eyelash colour instead.

Size of Pupils

Colour of Pupils

End Result

Here’s a little preview of how your character will look in the game:
Default attire set
Lady Maria’s attire set

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