Dec 3, 2016

[Video] Bloodborne: The Old Scrubs - It's Kos, not Kosm

Having explored the entire Fishing Hamlet, Emilia finally found what she was looking for. A cave system running underneath the village and an elevator hidden in a small, desolate Fishing Hut. However, Emilia was not the only one exploring the caves. It appears, an old friend, Bartholomew, had also come to slay the nightmarish creature lurking at the nearby beach accessible only by the cave systems. Having combined their strengths, the two hunters will surely be able to overcome the creature with ease now. Or will they?

Boss: Orphan of Kos
Attempts made against the boss: 2-3(?)

Game: Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC
Platform: PS4
Recording Date: 31 Mar 2016