Nov 26, 2016

[Video] Bloodborne: The Old Scrubs - Waifu Wars

With Dead Failures out of the way, nothing was stopping our heroine, Emilia, from opening the giant Astral Clocktower's doors. The noise of bells tolling the sound of progress were soon replaced with a strange dripping sound. The sound, caused by dripping of blood, made Emilia were cautious of the body in front of her. Was this the person of whom Simon, the Harrowed had talked about? Lady Maria, was it? If so, then why is she already dead? Who or what killed her? Is she truly dead to begin with?

Boss: Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
Attempts made against the boss: 1

Game: Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC
Platform: PS4
Recording Date: 22 Mar 2016

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