Apr 2, 2016

[Video] Scrubborne - How NOT to Fight Cleric Beast

An embarrassing boss attempt in which I waste all of my resources and kill Cleric Beast in the lamest way possible. I won but I sure as hell don't feel like it :/

Probably my worst boss fight in the entire playthrough. Part of it clearly is due to lack of experience, part of it is not knowing that Cleric Beast's weak point was its left arm, part of it is due to picking the worst starting weapon possible. Saw Cleaver has the speed, Hunter's Axe has the the reach, Cain Whip has... the weakest attack stats out of all of them with no obvious benefits.

I eventually ran out of blood vials, so started mashing R1 until one of us ended up dead. This boss attempt was so embarrassing that I made a shortened version of this video which you can see here: https://youtu.be/50jk2ZOCmXc

Boss: Cleric Beast (聖職者の獣)
Attempts made against the boss: 3(?)

Game: Bloodborne (ブラッドボーン)
Platform: PS4
Recording Date: 25 Jul 2015

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