Apr 23, 2016

[Video] Scrubborne - Barbecue With Friends

My second attempt fighting Blood-starved Beast. On my first attempt, I got one-shotted by a grab attack with a broken hitbox, so this time I decided to invite Alfred for some jolly BBQ.

Due to being unfamiliar with how the co-op feature works, Alfred and I were joined by another player and together, the three of us, toasted Blood-starved Beast. Unfortunately neither Alfred nor Exodus made it through...

Let us all remember the magnificent heroes that gave their lives for the greater good. Alfred, Exodus... RIP In Peace, my friends. RIP In Peace ;_;7

Boss: Blood-starved Beast (血に渇いた獣)
Attempts made against the boss: 2

Game: Bloodborne (ブラッドボーン)
Platform: PS4
Recording Date: 29 Jul 2015

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