Mar 12, 2016

[Video] Battlefield 4 - Zavod 311 Conquest

An entire round showing off Zavod 311 map from way back when I still played this game on PS4. Nothing impressive in terms of gameplay, simply uploaded it to show off the infantry gameplay on the map. Playing the Conquest Small version because I didn't have any friends to squad up with at the time and I just didn't feel like dealing with 64 player servers that day.

Couple of notable "highlights":
12:24 - Reload bug. Notice how even after reloading my gun and getting full reload animation my gun didn't replenish ammo in the magazine despite still have plenty of ammo in reserve. I failed to notice this until after my next kill at 13:54.
13:00 - Brown tint glitch. A glitch that often occurs after exiting vehicles making the screen appear to have an ugly brown tint overlay for no reason. The tint disappears if you enter a vehicle again but the glitch won't truly fix itself unless you die which you can see me doing around at 16:01.

Game: Battlefield 4
Map: Zavod 311
Game-mode: Conquest Small
Recording Date: December 2014

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