Mar 27, 2016

[Video] Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta - My First Round

My very first time trying out Uncharted 4 Multiplayer in their Open Beta (Multiplayer Stress Test).

Game: Uncharted 4
Game-Mode: Team Deathmatch
Map: The Island
Platform: PS4
Record Date: Mid-March 2016

Mar 26, 2016

[Video] Let's Play Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Part 4)

I'm sick (soar throat and fever) and to make things worse another part of my Bad Company 2 Let's Play went up...

You thought I was done, huh? But I haven't given up just yet. The Bad Company 2 Let's Play will always come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

Now with 100% extra NaCl content.

Mission: Upriver
Difficulty: Normal
Platform: PC

Mar 25, 2016

[Video] Battlefield 4 - Outtakes From The Video That Drove Me Insane

Remember that horrible commentary that was 11 months late? No? Well now you can watch outtakes from it only 3 months late.

Have a little glimpse into the misery that is attempting recording commentaries with horrible setup. This is the amount of salt you end up with after million failed recording attempts over a span of a year.

Link to the final commentary:

Mar 19, 2016

[Video] Battlefield 4 - Operation Jetstorm

Just an average chill round where I spend the entirety of it in a jet. Not the most exciting gameplay by any stretch of imagination, but thought it would be neat to simply upload an unedited footage of jet gameplay on Operation Firestorm. That being said, my aim is outright embarrassing... 

Game: Battlefield 4
Map: Operation Firestorm 2014
Game-mode: Conquest Small
Recording Date: December 2014

Mar 12, 2016

[Video] Battlefield 4 - Zavod 311 Conquest

An entire round showing off Zavod 311 map from way back when I still played this game on PS4. Nothing impressive in terms of gameplay, simply uploaded it to show off the infantry gameplay on the map. Playing the Conquest Small version because I didn't have any friends to squad up with at the time and I just didn't feel like dealing with 64 player servers that day.

Couple of notable "highlights":
12:24 - Reload bug. Notice how even after reloading my gun and getting full reload animation my gun didn't replenish ammo in the magazine despite still have plenty of ammo in reserve. I failed to notice this until after my next kill at 13:54.
13:00 - Brown tint glitch. A glitch that often occurs after exiting vehicles making the screen appear to have an ugly brown tint overlay for no reason. The tint disappears if you enter a vehicle again but the glitch won't truly fix itself unless you die which you can see me doing around at 16:01.

Game: Battlefield 4
Map: Zavod 311
Game-mode: Conquest Small
Recording Date: December 2014

Mar 5, 2016

[Video] Battlefield 4 - Lancang Dam Conquest

Finally getting around to uploading footage that's over a year old...

An average round from way back when I still played this game on PS4. Couple of stupid mistakes and poor aiming at some points but overall a somewhat decent round showing off infantry gameplay on Lancang Dam.

Game: Battlefield 4
Map: Lancang Dam
Game-mode: Conquest Small
Recording Date: December 2014