Dec 7, 2015

[Video] BFBC2: Vietnam DLC - Cao Son Temple Conquest

A full Conquest round of Cao Son Temple in Bad Company 2's Vietnam expansion pack (DLC).

Apart from the title card, this footage has not been altered or edited in any way. Unfortunately, I forgot to disable resampling before rendering the video, which is why it appears to be blurrier and lower quality than it should be. It will be fixed in the next gameplay video. 

Note that this was a modded server with inflated point system, higher damage model, no kill-cam and slightly altered magazine sizes for guns. Due to the server being modded, even players who didn't own the Vietnam expansion pack were able to enjoy the maps. As a result, this server was well populated most of the time, while the official servers had 8 players tops during the peak hours.

The gameplay is nothing special, no fancy kill-streaks or anything. It's just for the archives in preparation for the grim future in which finding a full Vietnam DLC server is impossible. 

Game: Battlefield: Bad Company 2's Vietnam DLC (PC version)
Map: Cao Son Temple
Game-mode: Conquest
Record Date: Mid-May 2015

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