May 12, 2014

[A-P Originals] Reviews

Note: This is an unaltered blog originally written for Anime-Planet. Originally published in March 14th, 2011.
The information/opinions may or may not be outdated and nothing has been edited compared to the original version.

I've tried writing anime reviews and I seem to like it. So I'll continue writing reviews from now on but I just wish I could re-watch some of my favourite anime so I could properly review them. Unfortunately, I have more anime on my hands to watch that I can bear at the moment so I doubt I'll be re-watching the favourites like Death Note any time soon.

As for reviews themselves - I'll try to be as objective and informative as possible. English is not my native language so please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes that could sneak into my reviews :D

If you have any suggestions for me then feel free to share.

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