May 19, 2014

[A-P Originals] Redundant ecchi/harem anime clichés

Note: This is an unaltered blog originally written for Anime-Planet. Originally published in December 28th, 2011.
The information/opinions may or may not be outdated and nothing has been edited compared to the original version.

As much as I hate admitting it – I’ve seen plenty of ecchi/harem anime to notice that they all basically reuse the same stuff. Here I list the most frequent/noticeable clichés and my opinion about them.

1) Indecisive (Dumb) protagonist – it’s like an unwritten law that the main protagonist of this genre anime has to be total idiot. Not only majority of time the protagonist is going to be utterly clueless that there are like, oh let’s say 5 different girls that like him but he’ll also have a decisiveness of 5 year-old child. Just pick the one you like the most, imbecile!

2) Beach episode – without an exception all harem anime have this. For some reason there’s always a need to go to the beach. Clearly this is just a way from creators’ side to show off more fan-service just like point 1 was just a way to appease to entire fan-base since different people are going to have different favorite girls.

3) Now that beach is out of way let’s talk about school trips… More often than not there’ll be a school trip that, of course, involves staying overnight. I guarantee 90% of the time there’ll be a ghost story and/or some sort of test of courage that isn’t even remotely scary unless you’re five or anime character.

4) Comic relief best friend who’s also a pervert – it seems that all clueless, oblivious and useless protagonists need a friend that’s way too cheerful and is also a pervert 99.9% of time. These characters are mostly forgettable. Seriously, I wanted to give an example but couldn’t remember any name. Not that it matters.

5) The ‘OMG this is terrible!’ moments or in my case - ‘I don’t give a shit, please move on.’ moments. This is not that easy to explain but more often than not there’ll be something terrifying that’ll happen to one or two of the characters. A girl could get sick, main character and one of the girls get lost in the woods, someone runs away from home, meet a giant fish, feels depressed, yada yada. Characters always blow it out of proportions, there’ll be sad song playing and before you know it, it’s over. It usually happens in span of 1 episode but it also can be a cliffhanger to give an excuse for viewers to watch another sorry-ass episode.

6) Crappy ending - this pisses me off the most. You know what I like? A feeling of progress. Ecchi/harem genre anime usually fail to provide me with that feeling. Clearly, since the main character was so indecisive to begin with he also failed to pick a girl at the end. As I said it’s just a way to appease all fan-base that prefer different girls. Although the character usually will make progress with one of the girls and there’ll be touching moment in the end, overall nothing will change. Nothing, nada, nichts… 24 episodes for nothing. Thanks for wasting my time a**holes.

In conclusion we can see two things: first - you’ve got a lot of patience if you really read through all this and second - avoid of these genre anime as much as possible.

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  1. From the moment i read the title i knew i would like this blog. You pretty much nailed it. Ok the crappy endings are what piss me off the most. I mean, after going through 12 (or more) episodes of harem cliches, i would at least expect something to happen in the end that would cover up the garbage i have been forced to watch. Unfortunately the viewers are left with a shallow conclusion, making it feel like the only reason we watched that anime was for the fanservice.

    Dumb protagonist comes in at second place. In real life, such people would be dead real fast, or socially awkward or considered an outcast at best.

    Great blog. covered up many of my own problems with the harem genre.