May 12, 2014

[A-P Originals] Dropping Bleach

Note: This is an unaltered blog originally written for Anime-Planet. Originally published in March 27th, 2011.
The information/opinions may or may not be outdated and nothing has been edited compared to the original version.

As much as I enjoyed action, characters, animation, jokes and story of Bleach I'm dropping it. Fillers can ruin any anime and I'm also getting a feeling that this anime will never end. The main problem with Bleach is the same irritating formula used again and again.

The formula is: An enemy which is a lot stronger than Ichigo, Ichigo is stubborn so he won't give up, he gets nearly killed or severely injured, he gets stronger, he defeats the enemy, move on to the next enemy, repeat the circle.

I might continue watching Bleach once it ends but I won't watch a never ending anime.


  1. Supposedly on one of its final arcs, after a final filler. So maybe it will end in 2011?

  2. I'm on the same page, I dropped it a few months back :p