May 19, 2014

[A-P Originals] AMV of the week #2

Note: This is an unaltered blog originally written for Anime-Planet. Originally published in January 29th, 2012.
The information/opinions may or may not be outdated and nothing has been edited compared to the original version.

You don’t have to read my impressions so just feel free to scroll to the end for the AMV :D

If you don't know what this blog is about then basically each week I post a blog with one of my favourite AMVs (Anime Music Videos) and share my impressions and reason why I like the specific AMV.

Last weeks blog: AMV of the week #1

So if last weeks AMV is the one that made me interested in Death Note and Celldweller then this AMV is the one that made me love them. The music style might not be for everyone but it’s perfect for me. Even if you don’t like the music style you can’t deny one thing: the editing is superb. At the time this AMV blew my mind and in fact it still does. The editing, special effects and timing is perfect. It’s pure eye candy to anyone who’s interested in video editing. In the end an image speaks more than 1000 words so here’s a video for you. And video consists of MANY images :D

Autors: Darius GQ, Boogayman, RatKiller

Song: The Last Firstborn by Celldweller

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